“This is late-night FM radio stuff – chilling in its beauty. An LP worth getting lost in. If you have good headphones, pour wine, slice some cheese & close your eyes. Let Michael McAdam show you the way.”

Americana Highways

John Apice

I like how the lyrics float like a melody above the rhythm guitar.

Americana Music Show

Episode 488

Michael McAdam Reveals Gifts Of Humor, Insight, and Detail Via Americana Charged ‘Tremolo’

“McAdam’s songs speak clearly enough with their character sketches and storytelling to warrant many listens.”

Gide Magazine

Jim Hynes

The Art of Playing Your Own Material is Not Dead

“A mix of Dylan, Nashville and Tom Petty takes place on this album by singer/songwriter Michael McAdam, who mixes his material with clever covers.”

Jazz Weekly

George W. Harris

Song Premiere: Michael McAdam “My Little Queenie”

“Cut through the static on the radio station, to the heart of the song, ‘From my second story window, looking down on city park, she crossed the street… as the band played Little Queenie….’ and he was just too young to understand, and let her get away.  That’s the start of this song of tangled up regrets, the passage of time, and the women who slipped away.  The video captures the regrets with perfect imagery.”

Americana Highways